Bottega has a history of four centuries in the world of wine and grappa. Since the 17th century, when our ancestors grew the vine as tenants so far with grappa and Bottega liqueurs being enjoyed around the world.

From the vineyard to the bottle, every moment of product creation is monitored with carefully handcrafted and attention to detail. We chose simple and natural tastes related to the territory. The artisan style and the connection with the territory make the Bottega products unique and unrepeatable in other places.

Bottega is IFS and BRC Global Standard for food safety (in 2018 with AA – level of excellence), is also part of the Istituto Eccellenze Italiane Certificate, an association that brings together Italian producers of excellence from different sectors and high profile companies.

Recipes with innovative and original elements make Bottega wines and liqueurs unique. An expression of excellence, our design enhances the creativity and style of “Made in Italy”. Each bottle captures the taste and joy of the Italian lifestyle.

Proseccos Bottega

  • Bottega Gold Brut

    26.06 Value with VAT included
  • Bottega White Gold

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  • Bottega Rosé Gold

    26.68 Value with VAT included
  • Bottega Rosé Gold Magnum

    40.33 Value with VAT included
  • Bottega Gold Brut Magnum

    40.33 Value with VAT included