Since 1921, Champagne Collet has produced champagnes of true character in order to satisfy a clientele of discerning lovers, who seek champagne based on their authenticity, elegance and delicacy. Headquartered in Aÿ in the heart of Champagne, the Champagne Collet is a predominant source of a supply of Premier and Grand Crus and as a result, reflects the diversity of terroirs within Champagne. The Champagne Collet was developed to perfectly match every occasion, from the daily moments to the most sophisticated gastronomic experiences. Collet’s vision of the champagne industry is one in which winemakers keep together, not maintaining the status quo, but boldly defending the industry’s legacy of traditional know-how, impeccable quality and excellence in every step, from wine to wine. glass.

Since 1921, the house of Collet has been creating champagnes of character with a view to satisfy connoisseurs who seek authenticity, elegance and a great finesse. Located in Aÿ, in the heart of the Champagne region, the vineyards of Collet are mainly based on Premier and Grand Crus which reflect the diversity of the terroirs of the champagne regions.

Champagne Collet is a wine of high gastronomy. Each cuvee was developed to be perfectly associated with all occasions, from the appetizer to the best dish.

Champagne Collet