Situated on the Mosel River in Germany, among some of the world’s most prized vineyards, the Dr. Loosen estate has been in the same family for more than 200 years.

When Ernst Loosen took over the estate in 1988, he realized that with vineyards grafted with an average of 60 years in some of Germany’s top-ranked vineyards, he had the raw material to create incredibly intense world-class Rieslings.

To achieve this, Ernst immediately changed the vineyard practices of the estate to drastically reduce the size of the crop. He stopped all chemical fertilization, preferring only the moderate use of organic fertilizers and soil changes.

He expanded his commitment to sustainable practices beyond vineyards and in the cellar, implementing improvements in materials recycling, energy efficiency and water conservation.

At harvest he insisted on ripe fruit that had been selected in a very rigorous manner. And he turned to softer winery practices that would allow wine to develop its full potential with minimal technological interference.

Today, Dr. Loosen wines are widely enjoyed around the world and continue to receive awards and accolades from the top reviewers.

Dr. Loosen Riesling Wine

  • Dr. Loosen Riesling 2017

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