Isaac Muga and his wife, Aurora Pipe, purchased two families of traditional winemakers in 1932 and created internationally renowned personalized wines, growing as fast as demand. The vineyard is still owned and operated by the family. Located on the slopes of the Obarenes mountains, the terraces form small parcels of vines in series.

The soil is clay, but each plot has significant differences causing wide variety of wine styles. Muga is known for being very traditional in its winemaking practices. All the aging is done in new oak barrels and the aging techniques are part of what makes the Muga unique. With these techniques, each wine aging imparts a taste, smell and appearance of a wine to a higher level.

The production of Mugan-style handcrafted wine, especially involving the aging processes, shows great attention to the details expressed by this winemaker. Muga even has his own cooperage, buying French and American oak, and preparing his own wine barrels. Muga also claims a long-term bottling process, what they call the Enea Meadow. This is mainly made with the Tempranillo grape and about 20% Garnacha, Graciano or Mazuelo.

Muga Wines