The Quinta de S. José de Peramanca is located in the heart of the famous region known since at least the 18th century. XIV, quoted in the Fernandinas inquiries as – “Vines and Terras de Peramanca”.

According to Túlio Espanca in the artistic inventory of Portugal: “The Chapel of the Quinta de S. José de Peramanca was built on royal lands where, during centuries, the wine of Peramanca, which was quoted in the 16th century chronicles and exported , widely, in the Portuguese squares in demand of the overseas lands. ”

Crowning the excellence, the wines produced in the region of Peramanca win at the end of the century. XIX several medals in international competitions, namely gold in Bordeaux.

The current wines produced on this farm offer you the opportunity to return to enjoy the remarkable wines produced by the riverside of Peramanca.

Pêra Grave Wines

  • Pêra Grave Reserva Tinto 2015

    28.19 Value with VAT included
  • Pêra Grave Branco 2017

    16.60 Value with VAT included
  • Pêra Grave Tinto 2016

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